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Be afraid!  Be very afraid Starbrook!

   One peaceful afternoon Starbrook was listening to ‘The Takerman and other Tales of Torment.’ I was chilled and just getting into the vibe of the compositions when I spied a large and colourful moth fluttering at the window. As I explored the light glistening on its textured wings, a frightful shadow fell across the scene. Then a bloody, big spider appeared from nowhere, wrapped its hairy arms around my friend and commenced to drag it away. I leapt from the comfort of my chair and reached out, only to be snatched up by the beastly arachnid as well.

Spider in Web.jpg

I thought I heard a small voice crying, “Help me…help me….” Then another shadow fell across us and a god-almighty, massive rock fell from above and squished both spider and moth.

I rolled aside and stood to survey the scene. My six legs were still a bit shaky and… Did I say SIX!!! Horror of horrors!  The prey had become a common house fly! Then a tap on my hairy shoulder signaled more company. No spider this time, but an equally horrific apparition before mine eyes.

The Takerman was here, dealing out more torments and icy glances to further agitate my reeling mind.

A final receding shadow and the sound of a piano in my ears. The last track of the album, ‘Torments at Rest’, was fading out on my speakers as a large and colourful blow-fly wandered across Starbrook’s knee.

That was a buzz …..

From Starbrook's Diary     9/03/1979
SB and the Takerman web.jpg
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