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Starbrook meets Dr. Cylinder Eye -


The circus was in town, and Starbrook being fond of trunks, odd-bods 
and hay, went around for a squizzy. I always like the set up day prior to the commencement of the shows. One of Starbrook's favourite circus 'set up' scenes is from the movie 'Something Wicked this Way Comes.' Now that was definitely 'out there!!!'

I wandered past some old vans and paint-peeled signs. A sudden gust of wind whipped dust and a piece of airborne paper into Starbrook's face. I peeled it from my cheek and read - "Dr. Cylinder Eye requests your presence. Behind 
the yellow circle door! Tent 9..."

Sounds cool!!! I checked the time...8.09 am, then followed my proboscis and found the door. Down a dark passage and into an equally dark room. An electrical buzz and the stage lights blazed out to reveal, who was undoubtedly, Dr. Cylinder Eye, standing on the stage.


He waved me welcome with his 40 foot long telescopic eye and inquired of my well-being. After some small talk we went on to discuss all manner of scientific and philosophical concepts and theories. Dr. Cylinder Eye possessed knowledge and wisdom to the max. He also seemed to read Starbrook's mind as well, often answering questions before I had asked


"And now!" he announced. "The Cycle of Unity!!!"

He tapped his foot and a one-wheeled contraption flew from the wings and squealed to a halt in front of Starbrook.

"I see you desire a glimpse of things to come Starbrook??? Then ride the 'Unicycle of Quickening' through the fabric of time and space, betwixt earth and heaven and beyond. Let your cosmic journey begin!!!"

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Starbrook's Amazing Unicycle Ride_edited

I climbed upon the wheeled avatar and was gone! 
Where was I? Words can not adequately describe the places to which Starbrook journeyed. I know not whether I entered dimensions of the spirit or material realms.

Beyond the event horizon my chakras disassembled and realligned with the music enimating from the luminous spheres. I glimpsed the Eternal shimmering in all. Starbrook's ego regressed until the Igo yogioed to the plane of blissful Be. All was one and infinite, yinged and yanged, hidden, revealed, pure abstraction and essential unity...the perfect balance.The Treasuries of the gems of Divine knowledge stretched before me....and then.....

I was back!!!

Dr. Cylinder Eye smiled. No words needed to be exchanged. He waved 
farewell as I walked from the circle door and into the morning light. I glanced at the time...8.09 am. A sudden gust of wind whipped dust and a piece of airborne paper into Starbrook's face. It read - "

  "The capacity to comprehend the universal mysteries is different for all beings. 
May you be endowed with a new eye, a new ear, a new heart and a new mind. And remember...don't let the child inside you die...remember Dr. Cylinder Eye!”

From Starbrook's diary  19/3/'99
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