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A number of earlier compositions were sometimes influenced by a painting from my Art College days. The songs 'Virtuel Theatre', 'The Nightwatcher', 'Pipperson Park' and 'The Takerman' are such examples.

In the 'Gallery of Night & Light' you will find a selection of artwork and the lyrics that were 'inspired' by the illustration.

Gallery N&L title3 light_edited.jpg
Steamtrain Descending.jpg

Now here comes the strange and wonderful

Dr. Cylinder Eye

He seeks the mysteries

Concealed between the Earth and the skies

It’s science for progress not greed...

And yesterday I saw the lights

From higher worlds shining through

Are they reaching for you

Now a Nightingale remains

As a steam train descends from the sky

Illustration - 'Steam Train Descending'

Song - 'Virtuel Theatre'

And so Aunty May

I’ve come to the end of the page

Hope I haven’t caused you too much sadness

But just remember

When you’re looking up

I’m out there......somewhere

I’m out there......somewhere

Choice Fruit.jpg

Illustration - 'Choice Fruit'

Song - 'Letter from Centaurus A'

The Pack modif.jpg

One figure draws my eye

A devils face with cross in taloned hand

The sheep will follow

Weapons in their hands

The Nightwatcher must stay concealed

Keep The Pack in sight

Must keep The Pack in sight

While praying for daylight ...

Illustration - 'The Pack'

Song - 'The Nightwatcher'

Over the channel he flies now

‘Till foreign land

Meets with the sea

The air is chill on hands and face

The sky’s a painted scene

But soon the canvas

Will be scratched and torn

By air-born soldiers

Barely seventeen ...

Over the Channel.jpg

Illustration - 'Over the Channel'

Song - 'Mother's Sons 500'

The Nightwatcher.jpg

I'm looking from my window

On a cold and starless night

City faces passing by

Their eyes glazed over white 

And their faces are now changing

And no one seems to care

Their features are rearranging ...

And the Crossbearer stands tall

As he leads on his sheep

Some are dancing in time

To a mad rhyme

Of tongue twisted speak...

Illustration - 'The Nightwatcher'

Song - 'From My Window'

But the Takerman watcheth

A lesson's in order

Rick's left hand is taken

Neuro-muscular disorder 


Richard John Moe

Slow window cleaner

His ego is fed no more

How will you feel

When the Takerman comes

He watches and waits by us all...

Takerman best ad.jpg

Illustration/ Song - 'The Takerman'

Pipperson Park JPE.jpg

When I’m sad and tired

I go down to Pipperson Park

And even if the sky is grey

The Sun will touch the heart

In Pipperson Park


Make you’re way along the path

Through fog and purple haze

Between the iron circle gates

And now you’re at the start

Of Pipperson Park

Illustration/ Song - 'Pipperson Park'

Looking out to sea

I wonder where that tiny boat

Is sailing to

And the ocean is so vast

Now I cannot see the mast …

Looking Out to Sea.jpg

Illustration/ Song - 'Looking Out to Sea'

Sailing Free.jpg

Sail on across the crystal sea

I'm looking for another place

I'd rather be

Light fades as the sun sets

In colours that covered the day

The main sail catches starlight

From patterns that dance

On the north sea, south sea

East sea, west sea

Then away.........

Illustration - 'Sailing Free'

Song - 'Borderlines'

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