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"Steve Carr Clark ... he's a versatile one-man band, creating music that ranges from art-rock and new age to avant-garde. His story-telling concept albums have wonderfully witty tongue-in-cheek lyrics, embedded in elaborate "proggy" arrangements."                              

- Sven Schreiber

"Great job Steve. If I thought that Peter Hammill was the most underrated musician in the world... where am I going to place you? Most under-underrated?"             

- Armando Gallo ( journalist, photographer )

Steve Carr Clark was raised on a healthy diet of ‘70s rock music (via his elder brother) and classical music (via his father). This is probably why his musical output often ranges between both genres, and it’s sometimes hard to predict what’s coming next.

Born in Australia, Steve is a versatile artist whose talents encompass music, art and film. He likens composing music to painting, as he developed many of his ideas about art and music whilst completing a Visual Arts course in his late teens. Each album often showcase original artwork and the videos he produces also reflect these same elements of visual design.


His first album ‘Ghostflyers’ was released in 2010. A strong emphasis on ‘telling a story’ through lyrics in an important aspect of each work, and this album is no exception. Since then he has continued to release albums in a variety of styles, ranging from progressive and art rock, to ambient and instrumental.


See ‘album notes’ from links in the ‘Discography’ to gain more insights into the work of this evolving and highly original artist.

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