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To Market - released 2016

9. To Market 2016.jpg
To Market
Sheep Station (51st State)
Over Hills
Pig's Snout

To Market – Who stole that pig and which way to the Sheep Station? Some social comment on sheep mentality, a power hungry con-man (or should we say ‘con-swine’) and a thief who fails to read the signposts. And yes….there’s also a Christmas song. Why?

Featured videos -

Who says something's wrong

With the mental state of our great nation?

After all ...

We belong on the same Sheep Station.

Farmer Piperson has stolen a pig. He's been given three  warning 'signs', but he is determined to get to the Market Place and sell his piggy prize. He ignores the 'signs' and pays the price as a black crow cries.

Pig’s Snout is a confidence man (con-man). After ripping off the gullible and elderly he moves onto other business ventures and makes a mint. Money isn’t enough for Pig’s Snout … he wants devotees as well. Guru status is fine, but he’s always longed to play in a Prog-Rock band. Unfortunately, no one ‘gets’ his music, as the lyrics and melodies are far too complex. After the ‘critics’ nail him, Pig’s Snout seeks revenge by purchasing and controlling several Media Corporations. Now he wields true power and is as happy as

a ‘pig in mud.’ (But remember… he is not an animal…!!!)

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