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The State of Things  -  released  2017
10. The State of Things 2017.jpg

The State of Things

Mental Break

Dance Floor Delete

Social Media Junkie

Mental Break Too

Banjo Re-entry

Orilentil Soap

Roswell Man

Mental Broken

The State of Things – An experimental album complete with conspiracy theories, mental breaks, dance track, banjo solo and an alien stop-over at Roswell, New Mexico.

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A mish-mash of world craziness. Conspiracy theories, aliens, ufo’s, illuminati, clones, warfare, fashion, evangelistic preachers…. and even good ol’ Jerry Springer!!! Just when you thought it was safe to return to planet Earth!

Peace at last ...

Some strange characters hit the dance floor!

This is a song about the 1947 Roswell 'incident.' I put my own twist on the story, 'cause that's what songwriters can do! The footage is all real. What? You don't believe me??!!

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