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That Genesis App -

   In December 2013 Steve was contacted by Italian journalist, photographer and writer Armando Gallo. Armando was putting together an App based on his book "Genesis - I Know What I Like' written in the late 70's. At the time he was having trouble getting original Genesis music for the App due to copyright issues. Armando turned to Steve and other supporters of the project for assistance.


"It was a great honor just to be asked!" recalls Steve. "I wrote several pieces based on Genesis songs but also submitted a number of my own compositions. Steve Hackett had also come onboard around this time and was eventually followed by Tony Banks, Anthony Philips and Daryl Stuermer. In the end some sections of Genesis music were even permitted.

At that stage I thought, "Oh outsiders will probably be taken off."

But no....Armando was true to his original supporters and kept us on the App. I ended up with about 8 pieces of music included. Hats off to Armando!!!"

'Genesis Medley - sclarkmusic9

These are the original 'Genesis' music samples I submitted for the App. As they were thought to be too close to the original compositions, I had to further modify them, but these remain my favourites. - Steve C

More information - Genesis App
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