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 Art Review - 'Steamtrain Descending'

Steamtrain Descending.jpg
StarB closeup_edited.jpg
Starbrook - Art Critic

Starbrook was inspecting some of Mr. C’s artworks in the 'Gallery of Night & Light' the other day. I'd just consumed 5 bowls of lentil soup (and methinks Raymond Moonie had also thrown in a few mushrooms and several foreign objects of his choice), and feeling a little 'out there', I had a sudden urge to immerse my mind in artistic critique! The following views are Starbrook's own interpretations and may have little in common with the artist's concept of the work.

From the heavens above descends the mechanical steamer. Not the 'holy roller of peace'...nor is it the 'Pipperson Express' or the 'Locomotive Breath', but rather the incarnation or symbol of our industro-material times. Who will ride the metal monolith and who is at the wheel? For now it is the 'Blueboy', maniacal, without choice ... or teeth.

Dr. Cylinder Eye surveys the scene with optical appendage. He sees the meaning behind evident in the perspective of his telescopic device. The Sun of Reality also watches from above. It taketh in all vision, yet is seen by few.

The figure seated on the park bench is the artist, the impartial observer. Seemingly reading a past issue of 'New Musical Express', but actually catching up on a bit of kip after a long day in the studio. Above the beakless birds, one inverted, each at a loss for screech.

The clouds numbereth five. This meaneth nothing. The fourth tree from the left however, has great significance. It crieth out (in tree language) that 'the beauty of the immortal Being hath repaired from the emerald height of fidelity unto the Sadratu'l-Muntaha!' It is the tree beyond which there is no passing...

The letters on the coal wagon, L.M.S stand for Lentil and Mushroom Soup. Thus endeth the critique.

                                                                                                                                           Starbrook 19/9/12

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