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Ghostflyers - released 2010

1. Ghostflyers 2010.jpg
This Island Earth
Mother's Sons 500
The Night Flight
Looking Out to Sea
Letter from Centaurus A
Commander Codfish
The Note She wrote

Ghostflyers – This first album contains a variety of songs, a number relating to the theme of ‘flight’ and 'World War One' pilots. Two compositions, ‘Borderlines’ and ‘The Note She Wrote’ are the longer, progressive tracks.

Featured videos -

Brave WW1 pilots take to the air in 'flying coffins.'

Commander Codfish is my hero. He flies a Sopwith Camel and his feats of valor have won him great respect from his squadron. I'm opposed to warfare, but to fight for King and country is a noble quality, when war becomes necessary. So...take to the skies Commander Codfish ... and shine!

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